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MEDA schemes are international awards that recognize excellence aiming to honor, celebrate and promote digital innovation and media worldwide.
MEDA celebrates the most creative and innovative individuals, companies and organizations that are responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication.

The awards follow highly-professional International standards during the whole process with strict judging criteria to ensure only the most creative and best work are recognized.
The competition is open for every entity with valid digital work that aligns with the entry category.
MEDA Digital AwardsEvery sector or industry is different. Not just in terms of competition but in the tactics and strategies required to stand out from the crowd and achieve the goals.
The sector-based categories of awards are clustered under five groups:
1. Performance
2. Social Media
3. Integrated
4. Digital Marketing
5. Digital Assets
Entry Information.

All you need to know to enter this year's competition.

Entering online is quick and easy. After registration, you will be routed through a multi-stage entry system. If your entry has a URL, you will be given a chance to enter the address after choosing a category. If you need to upload a file, you will be prompted to do so after checkout. You can abandon and return to the entry system at any time without losing any of your work.

Since each entry is judged on its own merits, in most cases, no accompanying materials or explanations are necessary. For categories involving Digital Marketing Campaigns, you will be asked to include a brief overview along with digital work product. An entry fee is required for each category in which an entry is submitted.

Each entry will have a box for permission to display the entry file in the winners list, gallery and social media. If permission is not granted, the file or link will only be seen by the judges.

Over the years, MEDA has rewarded outstanding online projects, campaigns, professionals and agencies for their great efforts, creativity and high-quality work in the digital world.
The jury is composed of highly-recognized international experts in the digital field as leading representatives from the areas of technology, business, media and academia, as they follow stringent and transparent judging process to ensure the winners in each category are truly deserving.
There are many categories in a broad range of categories under Digital Marketing, Web / Video / Audio Communication and Electronic / Social / Interactive Media.
The competition is currently closed. The next competition opens November 1, 2020.

If you need an extension, email INFO@MEDA.DIGITAL.
MEDA Digital Awards recognizes that many of the entries are internal or proprietary in nature, or are done for the government or another company. So, unless permission is granted during the entry process, entries will not be displayed in the winner list, gallery, social media or any other place.

MEDA Digital Awards assumes that entrants have all permission and rights associated with their entries.
Social Media
Interactive Communications

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